Autumn Twist ™ Encore® | Repeat Blooming Azalea | 3 Gallon Container

  • 4-5 feet high and 4 feet wide
  • Full sun, part shade
  • Well drained soil, evenly moist
  • Large, pink bi-colored 3” flowers
  • Blooms in spring through fall
  • Attracts honey bees, butterflies, birds
  • Deer resistant
  • Use as specimen or mass hedge
  • Cold hardy to zones 6-9
  • Prune after flowering to shape
  • Brand: Encore® Azalea

$59.95 $49.95


Encore Azalea® Summary:

Encore® Azaleas have significantly changed the way we use azaleas. Azaleas used to be relegated to the shadiest parts of the spring landscape. But Encores bring these colorful evergreen shrubs into the sun where they deliver vivid blooms in spring and again in late summer to fall.  When choosing your Encore® Azaleas first choose the ultimate size you want the plant to grow.   Some Encore® Azaleas grow as large as 5 1/2 feet, while others are dwarf, growing only 2 1/2 feet tall. Next, choose your desired color. The right Encore can integrate into a pink/blue/purple color scheme, and others fit seamlessly into an orange-yellow color palate.  Smaller Encore® Azaleas can be mixed into a perennial boarded to add not only color but winter structure.  They are very handy in front of low windowsills and walkways. Larger sizes are useful as foundation planting as well as in a woodland setting mixed with taller trees as well as groundcover. Hardy in zones 6b-10b. Plant high in well-drained, moderately moist conditions. Prune and fertilize in late spring after first bloom to give it everything it needs to come back strong in summer and fall.

Rhododendron ‘Conlep’ PP12133 Autumn Twist™ is a fun Encore® that boasts a striped pink and white flower. It can be a wonderful addition near a children’s garden, swing set or sandbox.  Pair Autumn Twist™ with the giant football-sized blossoms of Limelight Hydrangea and the pink spring buds Spring Bouquet Viburnum for more garden fun and fancy. Autumn Twist™ is another larger Encore®, growing 4-5’tall, 4’ wide with 3’ flowers.




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