Chaste Tree 'Shoal Creek' | "Vitex Tree" | Quart and 3 Gallon Container

  • 10-12 feet high and 10-12 feet wide
  • Full sun
  • Well-drained soil, evenly moist
  • Large blue-violet flower spikes reaching 12” in length, fragrant
  • Blooms mid to late summer, long blooming
  • Attracts honey bees, butterflies, and birds
  • Deer resistant
  • Use as border plant, large container plant, cut flowers, foundation plantings
  • Hardy to zones 6-9
  • Prune after flowering
  •  Brand: Improved selection of Vitex agnus-castus



Place this easy summer showstopper where you will enjoy a glorious display of 12” blue-violet flower spikes in mid-Summer. By a sunny patio, pool or across a lawn, the lightly fragrant flower display attracts butterflies, bees and hummingbirds during its long bloom season.  Dead heading the flowers just after the first blooms fade will bring forth a second flush of flowers.  Crushing the willowy Vitex leaf brings forth the essence of fresh sage. In zone 5 Chaste Tree will come up from the roots each year to be an effective 4-7’ decorative hedge. In zones 6-9 it’s winter hardy and is typically grown as a small multi-trunk specimen tree.  An annual late winter pruning up of lower limbs will yield a cool shady spot for a bench or bird bath.   Easy growing Chaste tree asks for full sun, well-drained soil, and has low water requirements.  For low moisture, deer resistant combo look across the color wheel from the bluesy flowers of Chaste Tree to the golden yellows of Yucca ‘Color Guard’ or Lemon Thread Cypress.

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