Fatsia japonica | 1 Gallon Container

  • 6’ feet high and 6’ feet wide
  • Part shade, shade
  • Acid soils, well drained
  • White flowers
  • Dark green foliage, glossy, exotic, and tropical
  • Use for a border, mass grouping, container planting indoors and outdoors
  • Hardy to zones 8-10
  • Deer and rabbit resistant
  • Brand: Grown by The Plant Factory, Inc.
  • Shipping Restrictions: Canada, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands

Outdoors Zone 8-10

Indoors – No restrictions

$29.95 $24.95


What do you with a shady area under a tree or in a nook? Why Japanese Aralia, most commonly named Fatisa japonica of course! Fatsia is a broadleaf evergreen shrub with glossy green leaves that span to 12” wide in most cases. Soft textured, and a tropical effect, this shrub will fill any unoccupied space where other plants will not thrive. The flowers will remind you of little drumsticks which adds a neat distinction to its overall beauty in late fall. Filling an area 6 feet by 6 feet, Fatsia is great for mass plantings or specimen plantings.


Easy to grow and maintain, Fatsia is great for outdoors and even work well in a container outside on the patio or inside the home. Yearly pruning is recommended for a well-branched rounded form. Fatsia loves acid and well-drained soil to thrive, spring fertilization of 12-6-6 acid fertilizer will keep this beauty growing for the remainder of the year in top form.


Fatsia was a favorite plant of the Victorians.

Uses and suggestions

Fatsia makes a great backdrop for annuals and perennials of all types. It blends well with Azaleas and camellias bringing out the colors with its dark green foliage.


This shrub has been given the AGM (Award of Garden Merit) by the Royal Horticultural Society.