Kerria japonica ‘Pleniflora’ | Double Yellow Kerria | 3 Gallon Container

  • 6-8 feet high and 6-8 feet wide
  • Partial shade, shade
  • Most soils, well drained
  • Bright double yellow flowers, long lasting flowers
  • Foliage is bright-green
  • Use as a border, or mass grouping
  • Hardy to zones 4-9
  • Prune after flowering to control the height
  • Brand: Grown by The Plant Factory, Inc.

$49.95 $39.95

Kerria japonica ‘Pleniflora’ is a double flowering selection of Kerri japonica. This tough and vigorous grower offers golf ball size yellow flowers in spring. The leaves are slightly serrated, no stickers, on bright green which gives this plant a unique texture.

As a backdrop filler or mass hedge ‘Pleniflora’ takes the stage early with a bang with hundreds of flowers and then retreats to the background till the following year. A deciduous species the bright green stems will show off through the winter months, again adding texture to the garden.

One of kind plant!

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