Kliem's Hardy Gardenia 1 and 3 Gallon Container

  • 2-3′ feet tall and 2-3′ wide
  • Part sun, shade
  • Well drained, most soils
  • Single White flowers fading to creamy yellow
  • Dark green foliage
  • Use as a container planting, specimen, foundation planting, and mass borders
  • Attracts butterflies, and birds
  • Deer resistant
  • Zone 7-10
  • Band: Grown by The Plant Factory, Inc.



It’s easy to find a place to tuck this charming dwarf gardenia. ‘Kleim’s Hardy’ Gardenia offers a diminutive size and high tolerance to cold.   One zone colder than other gardenias, this winner can handle temps down to 20 degrees, thriving in zones 7-11. Growing only 2-3’, it’s smaller size is invaluable as a lower hedge, foundation planting or a permanent central thriller in a container.   ‘Kleim’s Hardy’ is a very heavy bloomer. Starting in the mid to late Spring the round shrub is completely covered with fragrant, single creamy white flowers with yellow centers. Throughout the summer it will surprise you by offering additional sporadic blooms. Medium-textured glossy leaves are evergreen, offering reliable year round structure when deciduous shrubs are sleeping through the winter. When sighted properly gardenias will offer fragrance for decades. Plant your ‘Kleim’s Hardy’ in full sun or part-shade, with average moisture in well-drained acid soil. In the warmest of zones they appreciate some protection from harsh western afternoon sun.

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