Knock Out® Tree Rose Red | 3 Gallon Container

  • 3′ Foot tree, 3-4′ high and 3-4′ wide
  • Full sun, part shade
  • Container, well drained potting media, ground, loam with good drainage
  • Cherry-red flowers, self cleaning
  • Dark green leaves
  • Container planter, specimen
  • Hardy to ones 5-10
  • Brand: Knock Out®, grown by The Plant Factory, Inc.

$99.95 $89.95


Introduced in 2000, the All American Rose Selection committee named the original Red Knock Out® shrub rose one of its winners and has become one of the best-selling roses ever since. In 2018 Knock Out® Red more than 3 million were bought by consumers making the claim as one of the most desired rose.

Not only is Knock Out® Red a great shrub rose, we now offer it in a 3 foot tree form/standard for more diversity and patio appeal. With its dark green foliage and abundant cherry-red flowers this sturdy tree-rose will provide summer long pleasure to your favorite spot or patio container. Breed for hardiness by Bill Rader, this rose will thrive in the cooler zone 5 climate and stand up the heat in zone 10 making it the perfect choice. Self-cleaning flowers buds keep this spectacular rose blooming till the end of the season or first frost.

Every yard needs a rose-bush to enjoy, but you can have it both ways with our tree Knock Out®Red selection. What you will have to decide is, just how many will you need to adorn your garden!

Easy carefree rose….

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