Little Gem Magnolia Tree | 3 Gallon Container

  • Magnolia grandiflora Little Gem
  • 20′ feet plus tall and 10 feet plus wide * depends on location and growing conditions
  • Needs well-drained soil
  • Dark green foliage with brown underneath
  • Fragrant 8″ White flowers, very fragrant
  • Attracts birds and other wildlife
  • Cold hardy to zones 7-10
  • Grown by The Plant Factory, Inc.

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Little Gem Magnolia is a seedling selection of Magnolia Grandiflora introduced to the nursery trade in 1952. Known for its tight growth habit and smaller size it is a versatile tree for every landscape. This tree is adorned with dark green foliage with a unique brown underside that gives Little Gem Magnolia character. Pure white – fragrant flowers are the highlight of this tree. Little Gem Magnolias can be from the panhandle of Texas all the way up the east coast. Leaves and flowers can be brought indoors for formal arrangements, wreaths, and table accents.

Little Gem Magnolia can be used in many ways, such as a specimen tree, large container tree, but mostly as hedges and borders. Their tight growth habit makes them the ultimate hedge tree. You get the best of both worlds…. thick hedge and fragrant flowers. As Little Gem Magnolia matures, they offer up red fruit in cones that attract birds and wildlife.

This tree is a moderate grower depending on your zone. Faster in the south, slower in the north. Little Gem requires good soil conditions with lots of organic material. Water needs are moderate, don’t plant in dry areas that do not get adequate irrigation. Heavy clay soils will need additional topsoil and organic material to keep the tree growing.

Our best selling tree by far, Little Gem Magnolia will not disappoint.


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