Dwarf Maiden Grass | Miscanthus Little Kitten | 1 and 3 gallon container

  • 1-2 feet tall 1-2 feet wide
  • Full sun, Partial shade
  • Well-drained soil
  • White blooms in fall, long lasting
  • Foliage is green with a white streak down each blade
  • Use as a container plant, specimen, and mass grouping
  • Attracts birds
  • Deer resistant
  • Hardy to zones 5-9
  • Prune early spring to remove winter foliage
  • Brand: Grown by The Plant Factory, Inc. 





 Miscanthus Summary

There is a Maiden Grass for every sunny garden. Tall ones, short ones, striped and colorful foliage. Maiden grasses are completely carefree, highly deer resistant and are grown easily in full sun in zones five through nine.   Ornamental grasses need low to average moisture and one annual pruning each year.  Towards the end of the winter cut them all the way down to approximately 4 to 6 inches. That is all the maintenance attention they need!  Maiden grasses will take care of themselves with no need for further pruning or fertilization.  

A year in the life of a maiden grass starts with green leaf blades emerging in spring and growing quickly. Unlike other shrubs, grasses move with the slightest breeze and that movement adds drama in the landscape.  In Midsummer, fan-shaped plumes stand about one foot taller than the leaf blades. As summer transitions to fall the plumes darken. Then, as the first winter frost glistens across the garden, the entire plant goes dormant, taking on the color of straw. Throughout the winter the unique arching silhouette of these ornamental grasses maintain their special place in the garden. Few things are more beautiful than a mid-winter dusting of snow covering a maiden grass.  

Use the ornamental grasses in high deer traffic areas, to prevent erosion on hills or to offer a balance between other evergreen and deciduous plantings.  Because grasses are so deeply rooted, they are excellent for erosion control. Using a large drift of them on a hillside can not only be functional but extremely beautiful as well.

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