Red Creeping Thyme | Quart Container

  • 2”- 4” inches high and 12” – 18” inches wide
  • Full sun, part shade
  • Most soils, well drained, drought tolerant
  • Crimson-lavender flowers
  • Dark green foliage, fragrant
  • Use border, mass planting, container, garden path, and mini lawns
  • Hardy to zones 4-9
  • Deer and rabbit resistant, attracts bees and butterflies
  • Brand: Grown by The Plant Factory, Inc.
  • Shipping Restrictions: Canada, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands

$29.95 $27.95


Thymus praecox ‘Coccineus’, commonly named Creeping Thyme Red is the perfect filler in the garden. Low prostrate habit, with brilliant crimson-lavender flowers make a beautiful mat of fragrant foliage and brilliant blooms. When the weather warms, this carpet of red brightens the landscape as other shrubs are finishing their bloom cycles. Thyme is 2”- 4” high evergreen in the southern zones and semi-evergreen in the northern zones making this ground cover a usable plant across the country. Thyme is deer and rabbit resistant which gives purchasing confidence in its choice as a perennial ground cover.

Uses for Red Creeping Thyme are to plant them in between stepping stones and enjoy the fragrance as they are stepped on when passing. Other uses are container planting, borders, nooks, and mass plantings.


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