Star Jasmine | Confederate Jasmine | 3 Gallon Container

  • 4-6’ feet high and 5-7’ feet wide
  • Full sun, part shade
  • Most soils, well drained, drought tolerant
  • Creamy white flowers, fragrant
  • Dark green foliage
  • Use on trellis, arbor, fencing for screen, also used as groundcover
  • Hardy to zones 6-10
  •  Deer and rabbit resistant, attracts bees and butterflies
  •  Brand: Grown by The Plant Factory, Inc.
  •  Shipping Restrictions: Canada, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands


$59.95 $49.95

Trachelospermum jasminoides, Confederate Jasmine, or if you refer “Star Jasmine” you in for a real treat! A fast-growing hardy vine with dark green leaves that can cover a lot of space quickly for cover or shade. Also used as a ground cover in poor soil conditions around trees and embankments “Star Jasmine” will not disappoint. “Star Jasmine” works well on chain-link fences, lattice, trellises, and arbors for accent and concealment.

What makes this vine in high demand is its highly fragrant creamy-white flowers. Sweet jasmine fragrance permeates the surrounding air for weeks on end. Strategically planted near entrances and windows “Star Jasmine” will let you invite the outdoors, indoors.

“Star Jasmine” is bee and hummingbird friendly also attracting butterflies as well. An excellent choice for inviting nature to your garden.


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